The Home Stretch

imagesWe made it through the winter and, although the calendar says it’s spring, we’re still waiting for the warmer weather!  With just under two months left to the school year, there is still a lot of quality time ahead.  By now, any areas of weakness should have been identified and appropriate strategies implemented.  If your child is a candidate for enrichment, that should have been identified and implemented as well.

At this point, you have a lot of information upon which you can reflect and analyze.  Where is your child now compared to the beginning of the school year?  What has worked? What has not been effective?  Are there any areas of weakness that have become evident only recently that should be addressed?  Are there additional tools (in-school support, tutors) that might be available to supplement what is currently in place?

Though it would certainly be easier if troubleshooting our children’s education is as simple as identifying a problem and implementing a solution, it is rarely that simple.  Our children’s brains are constantly developing and there are many variable at play: maturity, cognitive development, social development, emotional intelligence, hormones (in the case of adolescents and teens), social pressures and “real life” issues (divorce, death of a loved one, bullying).  Throughout a school year, these and many other influences can impact a student’s education.  Whether it’s eight days, eight weeks or eight months into the school year, it’s always the right time to address any issues that may arise.

So take inventory of your child’s current status and see where there’s room for improvement. Now is the time to call the school and schedule a final meeting  to review your child’s needs for the summer months and make a plan for the start of the next school year.  It will be here before you know it!