Every child is unique. Identifying the specific needs of each child and providing the appropriate support can make a significant impact — improve their academic performance, help them understand their strengths and struggles, and increase their confidence and self-esteem. Some students who experience difficulties in school have been identified as having specific learning disabilities. Children with learning disabilities are not slow learners, they simply learn differently and may need additional support or different strategies to learn and achieve. Many students need to develop skills necessary to navigate the expectations of school and beyond. And some students need one-on-one instruction and a little extra practice. Whatever your child’s needs, we will create a plan to help-them reach their potential.

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  • Provide student assessment through in-school observation and one-on-one evaluation
  • Serve as student advocate and/or point-person for student service coordination
  • Provide assistance with school selection
  • Prepare for Committee of Special Education (CSE) meeting and annual review, advocacy and/or attendance
  • Develop and review Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and 504 Accommodation Plan
  • Provide information regarding differentiation within the classroom

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STUDENT SUPPORT for all ages and grades

  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
    • Organizing, planning, and sticking to schedules to work smarter and more efficiently, especially when time is tight and pressures are high!
  • Executive functioning
    • Supporting and improving skills–including working memory, flexible thinking, and self-discipline–to improve goal-setting, planning, and “getting it done”
  • Note-taking
    • Improving attention through active reading and listening, which improves comprehension and recall
  • Stress management
    • Staying calm, grounded, and focused on the task at hand


STUDENT SUPORT for middle school and high school students

  • Reading comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking skills
  • Writing skills (outlining, drafting, editing; from paragraph to essay)
  • Tools for effective communication
  •  Self-advocacy
  • Assist the navigation of school systems and organization
  • Develop habits for sustained achievement
  • Monitor academic performance
  • Work with students to clarify academic goals


STUDENT SUPPORT for elementary school students

  • Reading
    • Phonological and phonemic awareness
    • Phonics (decoding skills)
    • Vocabulary development
    • Thinking strategies
    • Comprehension skills
    • Fluency
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Study skills
  • Multi-sensory instruction
  • Enrichment


Workshops are available on a wide variety of topics. If you are a school, camp, support group, or other organization and would like to provide a workshop for staff and/or parents, please click here to submit your request.  Click here for a list of recent topics.


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